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Our mission is to keep the world informed, entertained and educated on important news that affect lives.

ThePeriscopeNews is an imperial, independent and unbiased news media. Each day we inform, educate and entertain the world with rich contents that keeps our readers educated. 


 ThePeriscopeNews strongly believes that the development of democratic institutions and empowerment of the people are firmly dependent on quality news, information and education.

 ThePeriscopeNews approach is a strategy that combines the use of local solutions and information technology in empowering the citizens. Our main effort is to develop a robust solution which is far more effective than talking and blogging and thereby creating a well-informed citizenry.


  1. Build online and in person relationships between youth, educators, youth workers, parents, school administrators, and policy makers
  2. Discover the needs and interests of each constituency and support the communication of those needs and interests to the government.
  3. Support people to act on their interests (both individual and shared) and mobilize their local and State resources towards meeting those needs in alignment with ThePeriscopeNews mission.
  4. ThePeriscopeNews seeks to generate larger, more credible, and more potent capacity for our citizens to make real and substantial change through quality and balanced news and reliable information.