Nwosu urges APC to reconcile factions before national convention

A former governorship candidate under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State, Uche Nwosu, has advised the party to reconcile all factions before its national convention.

Nwosu, who is a chieftain of APC maintained that holding the February 2022 convention without resolving the crisis in some state chapters of the party amounted to setting the cart before the horse.

He expressed concern that the party would lose several members in the event that it conducted the national convention as between 12 and 13 states were factionalised.

His words: “The best thing the leadership of the party can do is to reconcile the different factions of APC in the states. If this is not done, we will lose several members of the party. We can’t have different factions in almost 12 or 13 states and conduct a national convention, believing that it doesn’t matter.

“If the party considers it important in Kwara, Lagos, Adamawa, Kano, Imo and other states to reconcile the different groups, it will come out stronger.

“After all, other political parties reconcile their members and move. What are we doing? Is it that after getting power at the centre, we no longer remember how we suffered and laboured to get it?

“Are we now behaving like other parties that got power and failed to remember that power is transient? So the leadership of the party should manage the crisis in the party before the national convention.”

Nwosu, however, dismissed reports that the APC has zoned the chairmanship of the party to the South East, stressing that the party had not made any such arrangement, describing the report as mere rumour.

He recalled that when Olusegun Obasanjo was elected President in 1999, almost all the South West states were in the Action Congress (AC), which later morphed into the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and they didn’t vote for Obasanjo afterwards.

“But we all voted for Obasanjo, so that is not a criteria to say that South East cannot produce the President or don’t have anybody. It is an insult to contemplate that, because we have very qualified and competent people in the South East for the presidency of the country,” he added.

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