Some NSW travellers to be granted shortened isolation

Travellers who entered South Australia from NSW and are quarantining can now apply to have their isolation shortened.

SA Health announced on Thursday that those who arrived in the state between January 8-13 and are undertaking 14 days of quarantine can apply for a review of their requirements.

Each application will be assessed on “a case-by-case basis”.

In order for shortened isolation to be approved, travellers must be able to provide evidence that they have not been in a prohibited location in the preceding 14 days.

Suitable evidence includes food and petrol receipts, bank statements and accommodation records.

“People must remain in quarantine until they receive written advice from SA Health or their quarantine period ends,” SA Health said in a statement.

“People who entered SA before January 8, 2021 must remain in quarantine for the remainder of their 14 days.”

Applications with all supporting evidence can be made using the SA Health essential traveller exemption application.

SA Health has also advised that two people who had been in Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor — where a worker contracted the UK variant of COVID-19 and sparked a three day lock down — had entered the state.

They have been followed up by health authorities. One is no longer in South Australia and the other is in quarantine.

SA Health are also investigating if an additional two people arrived in the state via Victoria.

It has been confirmed that one person did so and is now in quarantine.

There were no new COVID-19 infections recorded in SA on Thursday, with the state’s total number of cases remaining at 590.

Of that total, only 11 are considered active.

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