Ogbako Ndi Igbo UK salutes Nigerian Youths and ask for the end of further destruction of lives and properties

Ogbako Ndi Igbo UK, wish to salute the youth of Nigeria who peacefully protested against the ills of the nation using the now popular theme “#ENDSARS.

The recent events in our land has resonated loudly worldwide, and is still triggering further demonstrations all over UK and the world. It is generating new conversations and commentaries some of which are geared towards making us a better nation and has given the youth a voice and hope for the future.

We are saddened by the loss of lives and properties that followed and commiserate with all the families that suffered any loss during this period. The blood of the nation’s martyrs shall not flow in vain.

We implore that there should not be further destruction of lives and properties. Ndi Igbo should be aware of our travails in the hands of successive governments and we should protect and preserve “the little we have” most of which were built with community efforts. This does not take away our right to protest but gives it more dignity and helps drive our message home to the right quarters world-wide.

Ogbako Ndi Igbo UK also wish to counter the emerging whispers which want to pitch ethnicities in Nigeria against one another and thus break the resistance of the re-invigorated youth of our land. The protests were by the entire youths of Nigeria irrespective of their ethnicity, religion or background and was not by the Yorubas or Igbos or Hausas. The Nigerian youths spoke in unity!

No individual should claim glory for this and any other twist in this story is the work of “anti-progressive” elements that has been holding us down since independence, who are feeding off the carcass of the nation.

They are now desperate and would go to any length to continue to do so using their well-known “divide and rule” tactics. We say NO to that!

We demand that as a minimum, an Independent Panel of enquiry with International observers be set up by the Federal Government to review the killings that followed this protest and that the law be applied fully at those behind them irrespective of their positions.

It is clear that need for a review of the current structure of our nation especially it’s governance is imperative. Any further delay in having these genuine discussions at all levels is bringing the “evil day” closer to us and not postponing it. The youth of Nigeria has spoken!

This is the beginning and not the end. We shall all rise from this stronger!

Dr Jude Eze Mrs Elizabeth Iwang Chairman, ONIUK Secretary – General, ONIUK

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