DPO Rabiu Garba- A model Police officer indeed

The #ENDSARS protest spread across the Nigeria, many lives were lost due to the neglect and rootlessness of the Buhari led administration. The current administration in Nigeria since her inception into office has continued to divide Nigeria deeper into tribal and ethnocentric conflict pushing the country deeper toward a major conflict if not a total war.
While the #ENDSARS conflict was targeted against bad governance, police brutality, extra-judicial killings by security forces, economic hardship suffered by Nigerians and total break down of security for Nigerian citizens. Some people stood out clearly as patriotic Nigeria, ready to die for what they believe.
Rabiu Garba is the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) at Fegge Onitsha. An Hausa man in the midst of Igbo, loved and appreciated by the Igbo and protected by them. He did not order his officers to shoot and murder peaceful protesters. he stood with them; understanding the pain and hurt of the youths. He proved he was human.
It is reported he built a borehole for the neighborhood without any fund raising. He organizes soccer tournaments for the youths of Fegge at their stadium where he also goes to play table tennis weekly.
For Rabiu Garba, Fegge is his home. Fegge is his community.
He has attended almost every church and every event in the area as he is invited because he is accepted as one of them.
When the rampaging youths came to burn his Police Division at the heat of the #ENDSARS protest, he neither fought nor fled. While his men panicked and scampered for their lives, he walked out to meet the mob with the courage of a man who had nothing to fear.
They recognized him and the angry chants were silenced! Most of the youths could vouch for him as a professional cop and a role model for many young men in the community.
They even granted him audience to address and counsel them before the mob dispersed.
#ENDSARS protest had nothing to do with his tribe.
#ENDSARS protest had nothing to do with his religion.
He was just a model cop.

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