Contrarian thinking suggest that the biggest losers if NK and IPOB disappear today are his most vocal and ferocious critics- Chris Maduka

It seems abundantly clear that different People are on different missions on the issue of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.
Some of the unrepentant critics of IPOB seem to have handlers they report back to. They cannot deviate from their assignments and stipulated guidelines of scattering anything that remotely pose any source of strength or sense of formidability on the part of  a previously assumed defeated people.
The other group are the statusquoist. Those that will do anything to sustain Nigeria 🇳🇬 in its very present dysfunctional form, because it has also sustained them. These are some of the people feeling jittery and packing their bags as the Nigerian youths are rising up.
As a matter of fact, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are such top priority for the adversaries of Ndigbo that they may have inadvertently made him the biggest cash spinner for so many people as the regime gets increasingly jittery and concerned over NK and IPOB activities around the world.
As a matter of fact, it can be convincingly argued that if NK and IPOB should  disappear tomorrow or stop being relevant source of worry or gadfly to these failed leaders, those who might cry most will be those who keep stoking this IPOB and NK fire  as that seems to be their full time job   who knows?
I can bet you so many people will not only become bored, but it might also affect their income as NK may have inadvertently provided some kind of employment for some people. People may have been handsomely rewarded for posturing as anti IPOB ring leader.
NK and IPOB are  their full time job as they often assure their handlers of effectively reigning them in or destroying them, but like the cat with nine lives they keep coming back. That’s why the ferocious debates here. Ask them to provide the viable alternative, or give us what will convince all of us to join in the destruction of IPOB, but then like fish in the water they’ll open their mouth and nothing but water will come out. They have nothing. Perhaps the insult they called  second Niger bridge or the 2023 Presidency that people like Governor Wike and others are already double crossing ahead of time and urging all to join him to destroy the only force that will challenge their clandestine sheming to edge out Ndigbo. Didnt we all hear when Chief OkwesiliEze Nwodo threatened that if they deny Ndigbo Presidency, then we will all join IPOB.
Deductive thinking and analysis of this remarks simply suggest or confirm that IPOB has relevant value as it is used as credible threat in the power game.
So those who wish to destroy IPOB should d well to Give Chief Nwodo the potent force to brag or negotiate with.
But the destruction of this group is all they seemed to have signed or promised to do. Simply to  Help others to leave us naked. That’s perhaps what puts food on their table and make them feel relevant I don’t know.
 So no amount of attempt to reason with them will suffice.
Even when all of us have outrightly condemned the needless utterances and methods NK/ IPOB deploy in the pursuit of their goals and agenda which is simply to change the status quo that seems bent on completely relegating and destroying our people.
 Not even when people have made it loud and clear that this guy is far from being perfect.  Some of those who have preached restraint against those that are bent on destroying these guys have failed to do the cost benefit analysis of the NK and IPOB existence.
 They have also failed to show what, if anything this present regime has done to turn the hordes of people gravitating towards NK gospel away or discourage them. Instead they are tightening the noose as the strangulation and constriction continue unabated.
If NK and IPOB are still relevant and growing  exponentially, people should not come here to talk us to death. They should take it to this regime in Abuja and the ones occupying the states houses. They are the biggest recruiters and the very force sustaining NK and IPOB relevance.
But they believe that anti NK and IPOB tempo has to be maintaied to convince the leaders and those that are in reality driving NKs relevance that they are working.
It  Not you or anyone that has been confronted with the cheap blackmail of being IPOBIAN as if that’s some kind of crime of moral thorpitude that is keeping NK viable, .
No it is not! It is them.
Those that refused to strike the right balance on the issues of IPOB are the ones that owe Ndigbo explanations as to what really drives them. Especially as every other ethnic groups are cuddling and sustaining their own groups including Governor Wike that has been overreaching his bounds lately. How many of the very violent Niger Delta militants loyal to him has he destroyed?
If these guys do not mention the Arewa youth leader Shettima Yerima that gave quite notice to Ndigbo and has instigated violence against Ndigbo. If these guys will maintain deafening silence over the genocidal threats of the Lunatic Adeyinka grandson that has abused and castigated Igbos; if what’s playing out around the country do not merit some kind of a rethink for some of us in this country, then it is a lost casue.
Because these guys will not speak out against the regime and their surrogate Governors in the SouthEast that have nearly gotten all of us on our knees, then something else is driving their actions. If not now, then a little later, it will all unravel. We are watching.
And before any of you will jump out with those predictable self serving blames and fear mongering, let me submit, that I totally condemn the very strategic blunder of NK careless utterances at a very critical time. His whole remarks if he must speak at all should’ve simply been: “I TOLD YOU SO” Not careless statements that are simply unhelpful. But having said that, we must face the reality that IPOB has more than a nuisance value. If not, they shouldn’t be the object of preoccupations by those the entire Nigerian citizens are protesting against today.
And by the way, those praising Gani Adams, may need to approach him to find out why he may those complimentary remarks that have so pleased all of us and reassured us. Dig deeper. It didn’t just happen as a fluke. It took a lot of back end hard work from those some of you are here wishing death. Enough said !
May God help us and give us understanding and uncommon sense.
Chris O. Maduka

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