EndSARS: Refuse to be divided along ethnic lines-Chris Maduka

It is obvious that in such times of crises as we are currently witnessing in Nigeria, the government with their deep pockets will go to any length to divert opinion and divide people across the ethnic, religious, and even regional lines. We must resist this this time around.

They usually target and recruit those who have previously won our confidence and trust. We know some them as previously objective and driven by sincerity of purpose until they attract the highest bidder that will pay the Pipper and then dictate the tune.

HAVE ANYONE READ FROM ONE LANRE AYOOLA and his attempt to scatter the unity and the resolve of all the oppressed people across this land to end this oppression by introducing tribal sentiments and dangerous divisive perhaps doctored opinions about IPOB and Igbos especially in Lagos and with the brothers next door in the SouthSouth. This is a very dangerous adventure that must be vehemently resisted by all.

These guys are not worried about the years of neglect and impunity. They are not worried about recruitment of terrorists into the security agencies and armed forces,   but they want us to focus on those who are victims themselves.

Lanre Ayoola and his co travellers are not worried about the killers and the insult that came as speech from our President. He’s worried about Nnamdi Kanu. What a maronic mischievous and diversionary attempt at this very challenging times. Lagos has been one city that the people have managed to live relatively in peace despite the politically induced pockets of crises.

The road and the trip to the Lekki tollgate started from the SouthEast and SouthSouth abinitio. The pythons and the crocodiles just arrived the toll gate and as usual paid the tolls with the blood of innocent Nigerians which triggered the avalanche of what followed.

And let’s be clear, as much as we disapprove of violence and destructions, nobody in Nigeria with an ounce of brain will deny that they did not see the day the unemployed and heavily harassed and wounded Nigerian youths will rise up and say; ENOUGH!

How ethnic colouration came into this is better explained by those peddling all these old divide and conquer clichés that have left all of us completely debased and our country in a state of abyss.

All the world leaders including former presidential candidate in the US; Hilary Clinton called our leaders by name and asked them to stop killing innocent Nigerians. These leaders did not mention you and I. They did not mention Nnamdi kanu or IPOB, they did not mention Gani Adams and OPC, and they did not mention Asari Dokubo or anyone of these guys and their groups who are considered victims of circumstances by those who wish to be objective and those with facts.

I doubt if these miscreants and ethnic gingoists know better than the international community that put the blames at the door steps they belong.

Let’s be very careful and guided accordingly. Let’s love and respect one another as we are all in this abyss together. We are all wounded. We are knit together by our common humanity and shared aspirations to the very best that we can be in the land of our fathers. Is that asking for too much?

May the brave souls of all those who have lost their lives rest in peace, and may those deeply scared by all they’ve suffered and witnessed heal and resolve to live and engage life fully as this too shall pass.

Thank you all.

Chris O. Maduka

October 22, 2020

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