The Last Words of Tony as He Lay Dying

Below are the dying words of one of the #EndSARS protesters among the over 200 murdered last night by men of the Nigerian Armed forces at Lekki Toll gate. He was a promising young man who had just finished his National Youth Service Corps and recently got a job in Lagos. He has only lived in Lagos for Two months. We join millions of mourners and Youths of Nigeria to condemn the war crimes, senseless murder that took place in Nigeria yesterday.

His last words will prick the souls of his murderers and world at large who stood by and watched the genocide in Nigeria.

Mama don’t worry I will be back in the morning.
mama I am sorry I failed you, I couldn’t come back, but mama i didn’t mean to go.
Mama those who should protect us shot at me, I waved the flag but it seemed like a gun in their sight.
Mama you know all I wanted was a better life us, for my unborn
Am sorry mama that I couldn’t give you that
They wasted us, mama. As I journey, I still feel pains. I don’t know if you can handle this news. Look how they took your son.
Heaven knows I tried to stay alive for you, mama I tried. Be thou proud of me and pray heaven receives me and my friends.
I had a future but I can’t see it anymore.
Be strong, be proud of me as angels guide me home.
Our blood still drips and it will speak mama
Don’t cry for me mama😭😭😭
Pray for NigeriaHis last word before he died,👉“Peace and Unity ✊

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