ThePeriscopeNews has with delight obtained permission to publish in parts the Diaries of HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor who served as the ADC to Ikemba Ndigbo Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu; the former Head of the state of the Federal Republic of Biafra.
In the next weeks, we shall educate and inform our readers on the intriguing, unrevealed escapades, challenges and exploits of the Biafrans during the Civil war between Biafra and Nigeria from 1967-1970.




It is vital that Ndigbo of Biafraland continue to express their gratitude to our God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama from day to day as He prepares a table for our enjoyment in the middle of our enemies.

Our joy and happiness remains a mystery to those who strive against us despite all their wasted attempts to intimidate us from all angles. They seized power and encouraged  tyranny and oppression against the peoples of Biafraland over the past 50 years, but up till today there is nothing to show the world that they have achieved except unemployment and poverty.  None of their biased appointments, nor their embezzlement of national funds through their corrupt political appointments paid any national dividend.

Now perhaps they would be wise enough to realize that there can be ‘no shaking’ in our resolve for self-determination of our own destiny by peaceful means. The war they were seeking has eluded them.

Instead they now suffer from deeper depression and higher blood pressure as all their plans have failed and will never bear any fruit. This is the good Lord’s doing; a marvel in our eyes.

Records of history have shown that virtually all peoples of all the continents of the earth have had their own turns when their empires ruled the earth.

In our current era the Caucasian people appear to have the upper hand. So peoples from other parts of the earth have been taking shelter under their ruler ship.

Many black people attend their reputable institutions of learning to gain their recognition with certificates and awards presented by them. The more you think and accept their beliefs and strategies, the more you gain their acceptance.

However every intellectual African person with accolades and highest qualifications obtained from the Caucasian institutions should ask him or herself whose continent has the richest mineral resources in the world why the people of Africa appear to be trampled upon by these Caucasian people whose turn it appears to rule the earth. They should ask themselves “are everything that have been taught about Africans really factual? Or were they based on the strategies they had devised to remain on top of the black race for a very long time?

For example do they believe that the only great civilization that arose in Africa were those that were invaded and overrun or conquered by for example the Romans or the Greeks at one time called the Egyptian civilization whose famous kings are from Hollywood films depicted as from brown light skinned people with straight hair, but none with dark skin and curly hair? Are they aware that the one meter wide nose sculpture of the Sphinx with human head represented a black pharaoh with supposedly broad African nose?

This Sphinx head which is thought to have represented Pharaoh Khafre supposedly angered Napoleon Bonaparte of France in 1798 because as recorded it reminded him of the ‘Black man’s majesty’. Therefore he ordered his troops to blow the nose off.

Another question that every intellectual African should ask is this:

If it is now the turn of Caucasians to rule the earth, then why do white people display so much hatred for the African or Black person? Why have they created negative imagery about the Black people in this era unlike the Roman era when Africans and Blacks were respected as Strong men of valor, who owned white slaves and were even made Commanders in the army of the Roman Empire.

In short, why has fear gripped white people against African Blacks?

Are the Whites who now rule the world including the Vatican where no African or Black person has ever qualified or chosen by the Holy Spirit to be made Pope since AD 400 not ashamed of this anomaly? Yet when they come the Caucasians come to or visit Africa they are well received without hatred? Again, why is it that when the white people come to Africa they isolate themselves in separate living areas as if still afraid of something they are hiding from claiming to be better than black people?

Does the following ring a bell as to why the White man is afraid of the African or Black man?

“But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, where are you?” So Adam replied, “I heard the sound of thee in the garden and I was afraid, because I was naked and I hid myself”.

The answer is therefore that it was the guilty conscience of Adam that made him afraid to come to God when he should not have been afraid had he been upright. As an illustration: When I arrived in UK in 1965 to school and live side by side with my white military comrades what were my impressions of white people? One might ask.

I saw them as fragile human beings to be handled with care.

  1. a) They were not as physically strong as I was by age comparison.
  2. b) Their skins burned easily in the sun, while mine did not.
  3. c) Their teeth were not as strong as mine. I could open the cap of a bottle of drink with my teeth, but they could not.
  4. d) Their hair dropped off easily, my did not.
  5. e) They loved the touch of my hair, which was springy and denser than theirs and gave the skull protection from the sun light.

In short my body features were enviable to them they admitted.

So they devised jokes to ridicule my personality like:

  1. a) “They could not see me in the dark”.

So I devised my own jokes that “I could not see them in the fog”.

  1. b) They said that “I had thick lips”.

So I told them that “I may have thick lips, but they had no lips but just flat opening to their mouths”.

  1. c) They called me “Blacky” and I called them “Colourless”.
  2. d) In academic school work they discovered that I was quite brilliant and scored better results than they did. So in the end we became friends and they began saying: “Chris is too good for us”.

At my graduation I was awarded prizes.

So I ask the question “Where did all this myth come from that” the black man is inferior to the white person”? Isn’t that a distortion of the true facts of life?

Was their measuring stick for their supposed superiority based on equal terms of competition like at the college I attended at Harrogate in the 60s?

Or was it based on their opportunistic degradation of the African persons who were dehumanized after being sold as slaves to plantation owners in USA? A place where the African slave was higher priced than the white male slave because the African slave had better stamina than his white counterpart to work at the plantation?

A place where the white plantation owners forced the African slaves to inter breed with the white female slaves so that their offspring would fetch more money at the slave market, which created resentment among white male slaves.

A place where unequal comparison and jealousy were used to degraded the African slaves and create segregation of black and white to stop the inter breeding by the greedy slave owners?

Shame on writers of modern history who have hidden the true facts about African people!

Shame on Hollywood biased film directors who had always portrayed the African Black as inferior based on fabricated lies and distortion of history!

It’s all based on racial prejudice that are all lies! Lies! And lies!

No wonder the Caucasian ruler ship of the modern earth continues to propagate those lies in order to extend their period of reign.

However, I am afraid that when the facts of history begin to judge this their era, they would be classified as the worst rulers on earth whose empires were based on the robbery of African wealth and dignity. A civilisation that thrived by deception and lies.



The very dark world that I had witnessed during the Biafran war has prompted most of my recent write ups about Ndigbo as a nation.

I saw the Nigerian/Biafran conflict as a water testing ground for all the nations on earth to reflect on what their ancestors had done.

Questions like, on whose side were they, Nigeria or Biafra or indifferent?

Being the Army ADC to General Ojukwu from May 1968 to the end of the war in Jan 1970 and as the International liaison officer between the International Diplomats who had visited Biafra and the Biafran Head of State. As well as the Biafran State House Liaison officer for the International Relief operations at Uli airport and other additional duties, I was in the strategic position to summaries the reaction of the world nationalities to the cause of Biafra.

For those who do not understand, I too being a victim of the entire gruesome episode of that history cannot help but find out why such a devastating tragedy occurred with our African brethren supposedly awake, but appeared indolent or powerless to make their presence felt in the African continent where that terrible tragedy had occurred. Whereas the Europeans and other nationalities from foreign lands were more concerned as to what was happening to people of Biafra especially those who were dying of starvation, before the eyes of all Africans and were doing something helpful about it, majority of our own African countries on the other hand living in the same continent where the blood of their fellow Africans were tragically being poured out did not participate to wipe away our tears. What a disgrace to African nationalism!

Systems failure analysis demands that the reasons for failure must be sought in order to avoid repetition of previous errors made, which some people prefer to sweep under the carpet as if nothing had happened.

Therefore in reading my articles, rest assured that my major objective is to analyse why all the nations involved acted in the specific ways they did to that human tragedy of immense proportion.

In particular, I would like to emphasis that I harbor no personal grudge nor animosity against any particular race or nation of people. But would ask people of those races or nations of people mentioned to reconsider the views and actions of their then active politicians that were detrimental to the survival of Biafra and ask their current politicians if they are aware of why those who denounced the cry of Biafra did so? .

If in particular most of those nationalities mentioned of the people of Africa can learn from this, then my objective would have been justified and achieved.

Putting things in context are you aware that out of the entire nations in the continent of Africa in

1968, only 4 out of 37 member states of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) supported and recognized Biafra, via: Tanzania, Zambia, Cote de Voir(Ivory Coast) and Gabon. Later in 1969 the island of Haiti recognized Biafra.

One great surprise that shocked many Biafrans was the inexplicable silence of the Ghanaian Government in declaring support for and recognising Biafra. After all, it was General Joseph Ankrah, who was the Chairman of the National Liberation Council of Ghana, former Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity from February to November 1966 and the second President of Ghana from 1966 to 1969 that was the Chief Mediator for the famous Aburi Accord Conference in early 1967 when General Gowon, and the 4 other Regional Military Governors of Nigeria met and resolved to create a Confederation State of Nigeria to restore peaceful coexistence among all the major ethnic tribes of Nigeria.

Among other Heads of States in Africa he was the most knowledgeable about the plight of Biafra to convince his Government to recognize Biafra. However, Ghana let Biafrans and Africa in general down by not taking the lead for the cause of Truth and Justice to the people of Biafra whom he knew were victims of a terrible pogrom massacres perpetrated against thousands of innocent Biafrans. For as the Mediator of that Conference he had been fully informed. Worst still, Ghana was among the other 33 nations that voted against Biafra during the OAU Summit held in Algiers later in 1967.

In 2012, Retired General Rawlings former Ghanaian Head of State came on behalf of Ghana to pay his last respects to Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu who had passed on to glory. I was one of the guests of Honour who also contributed to the tribute speeches at Enugu Sports Club where the event was held to honour Ojukwu and his Biafran vision. Ghana’s diplomatic presence was very good, but late, as Gen Ojukwu would have preferred Ghana’s recognition of Biafra 44 years earlier in 1968.

Another African President, Milton Obote of Uganda who had also been highly briefed about Biafra at another OAU conference that was held in Kampala in 1967 fell short of recognizing Biafra despite all his supposed concern to the plight of Biafrans. But like General Ankrah of Ghana Uganda failed to recognize Biafra despite their full awareness of Biafra’s plight. What a shame!

The list goes on and on of African nations who should have helped Biafra to survive but could not summon the courage to do so.

If one examines the genetic bonding of the Biafran people to those nations that assisted Biafra, it would be discovered that Zambia and Tanzania were interconnected through their spiritual Bantu origins but not directly to the people of Biafraland. . But it was the vision and political stamina and impetus of Presidents Nyerere and President Kaunda of Tanzania and Zambia respectively that qualified them to be among the visionary and strong African leaders who stood up to be counted among the Heroes of Africa whose names would go up (not go down) in the accolade history books of African great men who defended the cause of justice and truth together with President Felix Houphouet Boigny of Cote de Voire and President Albert Bernard Bongo of Gabon as the courageous and visionary leaders of Africa having stood up in the defense of Biafra against all odds with their recognition and humanitarian support.

In addition, President Francois Duvalier (Papa doc) of Haiti, a small Island not far from the Dominican Republic, who had displayed courage from afar to recognize Biafra would also be counted worthy to be recorded among the strong Black leaders of this era for Haiti’s recognition of Biafra during our struggling years.

Now, also in Africa, there is a genetic tribe of people who should have played a greater role for the cause of Biafra but fell short of this.

It is generally known that the Bantus who called themselves the Yaoundé who it is said, had religious connections that reinforced their Jewish origins. (Yehud in Aramaic Hebrew means Judah) The capital city of Cameroon is called Yaoundé, which accordingly testifies where the original Bantu speaking Jews from Europe were deported to settle before their dispersion to other inland parts of Africa where they found comfort to settle. Yet Cameroon failed to recognise their spiritual kith and kin ties to the people of Biafra who are of the blood line descendants of Gad, one of the sons of Jacob. Excuses have been made for Cameroon because their Head of State at that period in history was President Ahmadou Ahidjo who was a Muslim and sided with the Moslems of Nigeria who perpetuated those illegal and wicked atrocities against innocent Biafra men, women and children.

This confirms that the Muslim religion is devoid of pity and mercy. If this is not so, then why should their leaders follow the doctrine of the killing of innocent, men, women and children who had done no harm to anyone except that their ancestry was Jewish. To keep the records straight, not one single Muslim nation in Africa had any compassion whatsoever enough to bring relief aid to the dying and starving children of Biafra let alone talk about recognizing Biafra. This convinces me that they are the offspring’s of the descendants of the anti-Christ, the wicked sons of God of which I knew for a fact from my childhood days that the emir of Zaria’s descendants were chosen as emirs if they had six toes and six fingers, which was probably associated with the wicked Nephilims recorded in the bible.

In those days the Muslim raiders who came from Kano showed no mercy during the riots. They killed innocent Biafra traders by cutting off their heads, maimed, looted and starved innocent people with the hope of going to heaven, which is Satan’s lying promise to them that they would go to their heaven which is what Ibis, Satan the son of Nephilim the great deceiver of mankind and that of the Muslims in particular said in the Quran to deceive them. But his true intention is to entice them to share Hell fire with him, which was originally set aside to punish perpetually all “spillers” of innocent blood and other non-repentant evil doers that had been prophesied before this age began.


It was at the end of the Nigerian war of atrocity against Biafra that I realized that throughout the war both sides were living under the shadow of deep darkness.

  1. a) The happy world of my teenage years was gone.
  2. b) I had lost my memory and knowledge of technology that I had excelled in before the war began.
  3. c) I was like a new born child who had to reacquire previous knowledge before the war years and get new knowledge to make progress.
  4. d) Then I had to find my way into earning a living in a new strange world where the winds of providence had blown me into.
  5. e) Unfortunately today in Nigeria, the Northern leaders of Nigeria who have, in the main, had control of the government since the civil war ended have continued to plunge the nation into a deeper darkness worse than in the days before the civil war of atrocity began.

What amazes me is that even though the so – called silent living Buhari supposed to be President realizes this, he has continued to allow the majority of his supposed own people to fair worst in all this by plunging the nation into anarchy and lawlessness, which is an attribute of deeper darkness.

In the end those who have suffered most are the same Northerners he thinks he is saving due to their incompetency to handle the situation of worthy governance. This darkness has had a deep impact on all Nigerians such that only a structured Nigeria designed by the constituent peoples would now be acceptable to move the nation out of its current very deep darkness.

The truth is that whatever God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama the Creator of the universe has ordained as proper and righteous will come to pass. And those He has made head can never be put down by any man or group of people.

When we lived in Northern Nigeria in my childhood days, even though the Emir of Zaria was the ruler, it was Ndigbo and other Southerners who raised the profile of Zaria. The known social entertainment centres in those day like the famous “West End Hotel” of the Amadiumes, the Liberty Hotel, Goodwill Hotel, Zaria Tennis club, Dance band and Music teaching clubs, all these were owned and run by Ndigbo and other Southerners who also had the other businesses including transportation, property owners etc. The Lebanese owned trading shops and cinema theatres. But the Hausas were mainly local traders and admin servants to the Emir and Colonial officers. .

All those potentials held by Ndigbo people not just at Zaria but at other cities of the Northern Nigeria were what made the new political Hausa/Fulani generation to become jealous of Ndigbo and other Southerners up till today. What a waste of time and energy on hatred, because whoever God has made head will ever remain head.

Usman Dan Fodio may have dreamt to conquer the entire Nigeria and deep the Quran into the Atlantic sea, but Ndigbo will continue to reign perpetually supreme above all Northerners in the eyes of God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama. For what has been ordained by God can never be changed by any man born on earth carrying weapons like AK47 to harass common innocent citizens of Alaigbo Biafra. Prophet Balaam tried it against Israel but failed and died in the process.

In those days after my mysterious rescue by God out of Biafra through a bullet shattered Church plane that landed in island of Sao Tome (St Thomas), I heard the natives of that Portuguese Island speaking in a local dialect that was a distorted form of my Igbo language, which I could not understand. From that, I knew they have a genetic tie to the deported Black Igbo Jews during the inquisition of King John III of Portugal.

A few days later we were flown out of Sao Tome to Gabon, which had accepted to receive us as Refugees of war. Later in Gabon I was to mix with the natives when I worked for Elf Spafe at Port Gentile a French Oil company. There I discovered that there were certain similarities in their culture that had not been diluted by their French colonialists. There I also met some Congolese and some Cameroonians, who together with the local Gabonese shared a common sense of brotherhood.

So the question that often lingered in my mind in those days was “what prevented the Congolese and Cameroonians from persuading their governments to also recognise and assist Biafra during the civil war as Gabon did since they all had a cultural bond that I could not then explain? Perhaps it was the political assassination of Patrice Lumumba by the White imperialist’s undercover agents that destabilized Congo that was responsible.

The scripture states that.” the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein”. Psalm24.

Therefore so many great feats that were performed by the people of the earth are all attributed to God’s overshadowing power upon humanity. And what the peoples of the earth did with that overshadowing power determined their fate of existence. This is food for thought that asks our people have we been loyal to our God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama that we had made a covenant with from the days of old through our ancestors.

For example, Samson was said to have been anointed by the Spirit of the living God with Strength second to none from birth, yet his lust for a woman called Delilah brought about his downfall until he went back to God and obtained his final victory.

God delivered by the hands of Moses the children of Israel from bondage in the land of Kemet, which was the original name for Egypt.

It was the Caucasian historians who discarded the original name “Kemet”, which means “black land”, preferring instead to use Egypt due to their own prejudices against black people who were the original rulers of that great empire and civilisation of ancient times when the white Caucasian people lived in mud huts roaming half naked, barbaric in attitude and uncivilised till the Romans came and conquered them. Did God not punish the Israelites sometimes by exile? And did they not repent and regained God’s favour? If the answer is yes, then so should us African Jews.


The great Kamet Empire ruled by our Black ancestors from confirmed historical facts extended its ruler ship to modern day countries like Sudan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria, Israel and Palestine. This ruler ship greatly influenced the interbreed between the Black rulers and the White Caucasians female slaves, which in turn produced the tanned colour of the modern North African, Middle East and Asian peoples  of the world etc.

Upon their delivery from Egypt by Moses the Lord God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama enabled them by his might and power to repossess their stolen lands from the Canaanites and eventually established their empire mightily after the death of King David which he handed over to King Solomon who was recorded as very dark in complexion ie a Black wise, mighty King of a rich empire whose fame spread throughout the ancient world. This aspect of King Solomon as a Black king has always been kept under low profile because he was very successful and a wise and powerful greatest ruler of all times.

This fact should motivate the African people everywhere both at home and abroad to lift our eyes to the stars and rise up to where we are destined to be. Already great Prophets and God’s human angels with terrific powers are living amongst us praying and hoping that our faith in Jesus Christ will arise to jettison our people to the glory that God has destined for all African descendants in the entire earth. All that is required of us is to have faith and walk on water with Jesus Christ. Glory and honour and power be to our living God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama now and forever more Amen.

By HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor ADC Biafra

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