If you ask me, I’ll advice the people of the SouthEast and SouthSouth not to raise too much dust  or make much issue out of the issue of some of the vessels finally heading to other Seaports outside Lagos.
And there’s a reason for that.
Atimes it is a good strategic posture to maintain dignified silence and simply call off people bluff. Secondly, we can adopt the US coldwar strategy under President Ronald Reagan. They maintained the arms race with the Soviets realizing that it the Soviet Union was ruined from the inside.
Same thing here. Lagos is nearing shut down due to over congestion from their over monopoly on the shipping terminals. This is true even while the natural sea harbour is located in Akwaibom has been abandoned just the same way the rest if the Ports outside Lagos.
The economy of Nigeria is near comatose because of the deliberate lopsided policies of the government. So instead of Igbos especially crying, let them tarry for a while and allow this nation to get on its knees as it is going no where but down.
 Over the time the Igbos seem to be the chief mourner for all things happening from East of Ogun state from Shagamu. From the extortion and heavy tolls masquerading as police checkpoints to the bad roads,the bastardized second Niger bridge and many more. Why? How about other people that infact need those strategic infrastructures perhaps more than the Igbos. Where are they?
Gov Wike is a very powerful and vociferous leader, so is Dakuku George and ofcourse the newly found ISIAGU wearing brother Chubuike Amechi (who knows tomorrow), who have they said about this politics of the SeaPorts, the railroad, the International hubs and even the gas pipeline?
It is from what they said that we should fashion how to respond to these types of anti Igbo scheming that is invariably choking Nigeria to death.
 Lagos as it is nearing complete paralysis should be left to crumble. The Nigerian economy is near comatose all because PMB has made it clear that he don’t want to have anything to do with the Igbos against the the Express advise of other far more experienced and competent people who advised him against his anti Igbo stand.
Those people even told him that it was a blatant error to attempt to shut down people that are both iconoclastic and proven performers that can squeeze water out of a stone. But he’s blinded by his mortal hate for the Igbos with some of his co travelers.
The Igbos shouldn’t be crying too much. They should infact be laughing at the rest of Nigerians in some kind of “WE TOLD YOU SO!” based on the turnout of events in the Nigeria that the Igbos have not been allowed to play their rightful roles.
 Because if the snake that has bitten the Igbos a few times merely crawl over the feet of others they will succumb as it is already evident on how the rest of the ethnic groups are now lamenting under the crushing weight of suffering and pain.
What has happened to the once promising nation in the past few years, the dismal state of affairs, the decadence and collapse of every aspect of the society is a living testimony and proof that Ndigbo are the BLOOD THAT RUNS THROUGH THE VEINS OF NIGERIA. And as it stands today, the Nigeria nation is suffering serious shortage of blood and has since been Diagnosed and proven to be seriously  ANAEMIC.
What Nigeria has become in the past five years since this administration has resolved to run Nigeria exclusively without the Igbos is a proof that without the Igbos the DNA of Nigeria will be greatly altered as it faces serious crises due to severe shortage of blood.
What Nigeria is now  fast becoming if it survives is at the best,  like all other mediocre nations in the Sub region where  the same ethnic groups that are running the affairs of the Nigeria today are indigenous and no Igbos.
This includes  the Hausas, Fulanis and even  the Yorubas. Then you ask yourself; what’s so great about Mali, Togo, Benin Republic, Chad, Niger and some others🤷🏾‍♂.
These are nations without the Igbos and what’s their outlook and records among  the comity of nations. They are all mere mediocre and subdued societies with very lowered threshold of success and subdued expectations in life.
So. Igbos should allow the misguided and ignorant hate mongers to continue to self destroy themselves by attempting to annihilate the most resilient,  and hardest working people God put on the face of the earth.
They didn’t succeed during and after the war, so what make them think they can succeed today when they’ve become global citizens domiciled from Cape to Cairo in the African continent. And then from the Eastern most part of the earth with break of the dawn to the Western most part where the sun sets on this planet Earth the Igbos are there.
 What can any mortal sequestered in one obscure corner of the earth, a nation and people in ICU with the wealth that comes from the indigenous land of the same people they love to hate. What can their wicked policies do to these people especially in the modern world that the oppressors do not understand. They are merely quickening their demise. Today most of the formerly vibrant Northern regions are in desolate and in comatose. The Igbos have gone .
What this means is that as their grip on power is waning, as they get weaker, even though they are deluded to think they are getting Stronger as it is, the people they think they’ve subdued seem to be getting stronger. So as they struggle to tighten the grips on Nigeria, they failed to realize that the future belongs to the global citizens with the requisite competence and  daring courage.
It is just a mere matter of time.
Chris O. Maduka

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