Some of our political merchants are busy clamoring for the so called Igbo Presidency in 2023. A situation I see as mere throwing stone inside the bush to distract the dog. The clamor for the Presidency has  Prompted the  dissipation of  the entire energy on this pursuit without asking the basic questions most strategic thinkers and result oriented planners ask: The major one being: WHAT IF?
What if they fail to give  you the Presidency which from all indications the preponderance points in the direction that it is most likely that they will not do that. So what if they don’t? You report them to ECOWAS commission abii? Or resolve to fasting and prayers so that God will come from heaven and undo what God himself has already given you power and wisdom to accomplish but in our mortal fear and foolishness we’ve failed to do.
 Read Second Timothy chapter 1 vs 7. “For God has not given us  the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and a sound mind”. Are we in tune with this biblical command? What’s the law of receiving? It is what you major in abundance with your mouth and it goes into the spirit and then spring forth in this physical realm.
Sound mind, the courage and the Unity of love to achieve this very ambition we truly deserve and desire are all freely given. But have we adhered to these tenets? Are we working to actualize what we seem to be majoring in abundance?
 Speaking of deserving I am also compelled to remind us what my Secondary school Economics teacher thought me about the difference between “demand” and “want” in economics terms. While want is what you desire and perhaps deserve, it does not confer to you the status of a serious buyer. You are merely window shopping. But demand on the other hand is everything that Want is, but with the added ingredients of the “Willingness and the Ability to pay”.
Has the Igbos Demanded for the Presidency come 2023 or are they just merely window shopping?
How many of those inundating us here with all manners of graphic work depicting elementary unveiling of Igbo presidency is willing to pay the Price that will purchase Presidency of Igbo ethnicity? So far there’s no iota of such willingness.
And assuming they finally resolve to give  two Igbos the ticket to run on the platform of the two major parties, PDP AND APC, obviously some will start celebrating in euphoria, but that’s just the beginning of discussion that will once again call for another  strategic thinking that will  lead the planners and the think tank to reconvene and ask another salient probing question such as : GENTLEMEN AND WOMEN; WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG?
What if it is all about inviting the dog while  waiting for it with a wooden stick? The Tanko Mohammed supreme court is there, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is now a family circle and the Military and security forces seem more interested in upholding the sharia law and regional interest than defending the constitution or the country.
 So how do we plan to mitigate these vulnerabilities and pitfalls in order to negotiate from the position of strength and prevail.
When you ask all these questions you will begin to realize that the issue of Presidency in 2023 is being pursued from the weak position and with no credible threat of worst case scenario if they fail to keep to their end of the bargain.
Assuming this is true then what?
For those using the Indigenous  People of Biafra (IPOB) as threat or to force the hands of those who have invested our commonwealth heavily around the world to ensure that they grab power and keep it as power has given them and their generations yet unborn nearly everything in this country including your village farm land, you better think again! You cannot reap where you did not sow. If you realize that the youths are your strength, then come down from your high horses and engage them NOW! They are not an after thought and they cannot stand up for those who remained ambivalent or even denounced them when it mattered most.
Some have realized that they are not working with anything as it stands today. The only force that they deeply fear, they urged them to help to destroy.  Leaving them to swim naked in a shark infested murky waters of Nigeria politics.
So how therefore do some of us simply believe that these guys will wake up and hand you over the only thing they have, “Power” and then go home happy.  It is mind boggling to say the least.
For the Yorubas and Amotèkun, am not even of the opinion that we must tow that route of children’s day March past or parade.
For crying out loud,  they’ve not been tried and proven. The power that be may not even loose sleep over them as they have the list and ranks of those enlisted in Amotekun and that makes it a benign force. Anything so organized in the present day Nigeria is as good as any other police post.
Our approach must be different. We have always been at the other end waiting for them. Let them continue, when push finally comes to shove we shall prove to them that we are dependable allies in the quest for the total dismantling of the Nigerian status quo.
As they make an open show, we ought to become more shadowy and underground.
Bright looking uniforms does not scare the enemy. What scares him is the clandestine, iconoclastic and clustered nature of the current Igbo approach with all the various agitators they’ve driven under ground.
 Nobody knows who’s an IPOB member Massob or Bakassi. He could be the one serving you food  in a restaurant in Johannesburg or a cab driver in New York. Yes! That’s how it should be and this is where the current Igbo leaders have failed and will continue to fail as they rely on the forces created by their rivals and enemies to help deliver power to them. Blatant strategic error.
At the end of the day, the power and the future belongs to the youths. It is now up to the current political and Pan Igbo leaders to simply realize that without the potent force of the teaming youths, without strengthening them and aligning with them openly or covertly, all their  utterances and threats are simply hollow and empty. They are swimming naked and those they are up against clearly understand this simple fact.
If they pretend not to realize this or choose to be ignorant of this reality then they need to go back and study the very elementary basis of negotiating for power or seeking for freedom. None of these is freely given on a platter of Gold.
Igbo leaders, we ask you once again; What are you working with??
Chris O. Maduka

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