The Truth about Obadiah, Middlebelt and the rest of us: -Chris O. Maduka

-Chris O. Maduka
I applaud so many very detailed analysis and commentary form different people since this retired CBN executive spoke on what is playing out in the Middle belt region and other nihilist possibilities.
However,  It is very important that once you remove the stinging bee from a child you show it him or her. There are few things the people of the Middlbelt and all involved must understand.
What’s playing out in the Middlebelt region is both predictable and Biblical. In the fullness of time it will all come to full manifestation.
 As we always read where it is almost a command that we must confess with our mouths and seek the face of God for forgiveness to come. Because repentance is not just turning away from one’s sins alone, but also turning towards God. People like Gowon are busy turning towards God without fully turning away from their sins as some of them are too proud to break down and cry for forgiveness as King David did.
What transpired in the present Middlebelt region is akin to what late Great Chinua Achebe described in his famous book Things fall apart.  Okonkwo slayed the child that called him “FATHER”  when he ran into his arms all because he didn’t want to appear less than he assumed he was.  Okonkwo ignored the dictates of conscience and followed the rudiments of men in his time, and from hence; “Things fell Apart for him in his personal life”.
The Igbos who ran into the arms of their brothers in the Middlebelt, (brothers by the virtue of closer proximity than the far North, shared Christian faith and mutual coexistence or so they thought) cannot fully account for the atrocities and the evil that took place during that period of savagery and pogrom, only people like Obadiah and others can do that. They saw it happen.
They’ve lived with that guilt and in silence for such a long time, but only occasionally  scream out loud when the retribution and  consequences of their past actions and inactions come back to haunt them. We’ve heard General Danjuma lament, and now this well accomplished gentleman venting in helplessness.
They slaughtered the Igbos that were escaping from the Fulani dominated and controlled far North, only to meet their waterloo in the hands of the people they considered close enough to have existed with them for Decades in Jos, Kafanchan, Minna, Markurdi, Southern Kaduna the whole areas.
Only the people of the region like this Obediah can fully account for the gory orgy of savagery that they, and their parents perpetrated on innocent women and children that ran into their arms. Even those that were living amongst them were not spared. They debated in some quarters what they will do with the Igbos amongst them, of course the hardliners won and did with the Igbos amongst them as they wished.
 Just try and probe any of the people from the Middlebelt and see if they will open up. Some of them participated in burying their Igbo neighbors alive while they are crying and pleading for their lives from the people they’ve lived and shared bread with.
Anybody that is intune with the natural cycle of life and death realizes that people who were dispatched from this life that way NEVER REST IN PEACE AND THOSE WHO CARRIED OUT SUCH EVIL UNDER ANY GUISE OR PERSUASION WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE. That’s basically what’s playing out in Southern Kaduna and other places in the region.
So openly lamenting and crying can draw the sympathy of others as fellow human being. Nobody deserved to be slaughtered the way and manner the people of Southern Kaduna are being slaughtered today. But in the end, the people need to retrace their steps and try to figure out where the proverbial rain started beating their people.
Like in the Shakespearean Macbeth, they murdered sleep and hence shall sleep no more it seems.
It was infact some kind of law or ordinance that nobody should harbor or hide any Igbo person. So those who tried to do, actually did so at a very great risks to their lives. And those few must be highly commended and recognized. But most importantly they have the wrath and the countenance of God lifted upon them and their generations.
But not those still in denial and scheming around with the soulless Fulanis. Those who took pride in the evil they committed as they were rewarded with accolades and materialism soaked in blood.
 This same measure is applicable to people of other ethnic nationalities who cannot as it stands today fully justify why they did what they did to the Igbos as the chicken has now finally come home to roast. The torrential rain fall is beating all and sundry mercilessly. But have they learned?
 Even General Danjuma cannot visit his hometown and Obasanjo and the rest are sounding helpless. So what in world did they kill those people For?
The answer is blowing in the winds.
So it is not particularly of any favour to the Igbos if the people of that region tender apologies to the Igbos and cry out to God for forgiveness; it is in their Interests as a people. It is equally not in the hands of any uninformed Igbo to come out and dismiss this with their usual cavalier attitude of indifference and urge all to move on just like that. It is not for them to say. It takes a sequence to heal the land because it has a spiritual dimension to it all.
 That’s what people like Obadiah is now finding out after being in denial for decades. They are now realizing that infact; THERE’S GODoo.
Little wonder God has kept both General Theophilus Danjuma,  General Yakubu Gowon, General Obasanjo, General Jeremiah Useni among other Christian Generals who had their hands in the killing of their fellow innocent Christians long enough to witness the day they will cry habba father!
It is happening already. They’ve seen how the world they will soon exit from will be shaped. That’s their parting gift. Who said there’s No God !

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