Diaries of HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor ADC to Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

ThePeriscopeNews has with delight obtained permission to publish in parts the Diaries of HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor who served as the ADC to Ikemba Ndigbo Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu; the former Head of the state of the Federal Republic of Biafra.
In the next weeks,we shall educate and inform our readers on the intriguing, unrevealed escapades, challenges and exploits of the Biafrans during the Civil war between Biafra and Nigeria from 1967-1970.


My brethren as a tribute to the gallant soldiers of Biafra, I wish to recall some verses of my spiritual encounter with the Messenger of God at St Michael’s Catholic Church Awgu. Among the first words he spoke to me were “A Christian who has faith in God can move mountains. And a Christian soldier who has faith in God will say to the tree, MOVE! and the tree will move. I say to you Biafra has come to stay. Yes, Biafra has come to stay!”

Now his final words were “Do not be afraid if you hear the sounds of shelling echoing over the Milken Hill, be strong and encouraged for the Lord will protect you”.

In recounting the above experience, I know one thing for certain, that is, the hand of the Lord overshadowed me throughout the 3yrs we fought for our freedom. Unfortunately, the Biafran Head of State to whom I was sent only paid lip service to God but never heard the message but relied on his own intellect. That was why at the end of the war we became separated by divine providence. He had failed to grab the divine intervention that would have come to Biafra had he listened to the message from God.

Now yesterday, I spoke about the first parable story that the Angel spoke to me about. The father who was fighting to defend his honour, then news came to him that his house was on fire. He had two enemies, one was a frontal enemy and the other attacked his household and burnt it. This was exactly what happened to Biafra and Biafra could not have survived that onslaught from the front and rear without God’s intervention.

Most of the younger generation need to hear this and understand what you are facing when you are trying to restore Biafra’s autonomy.

The Angel who spoke to me reminded me of how our ancestors used to invoke the intervention of Almighty God before going to war. That made me realise that we had connection with Israel from the days of old when Joshua would consult with God before taking Israel to recover their lands lost to the Cannanites. Today those nations against Biafra are the same Cannanites with Giants and sophisticated war machines the Covid-19 can defeat.

Do you not know that the war against Biafra waa against all the sons of Jacob scattered throughout the world at that period? The six days war began from early Israel in 1967. Then ours in mid 1967. Then against other children of Jacob scattered all over the world including the USA at the same time.

Now many Biafrans thought that we were fighting against Nigeria, but in reality our war was against the imperialist world powers who were after Biafra’s mineral oil wealth and there was no way that they would have supported Biafra’s quest for freedom at their own loss.

Now can you see why Biafra needed God’s intervention against such formidable enemies?

I may have criticised the Churches for not stopping that war. But let me put the records straight. Of all the Churches and Islamic authorities who purport to worship the same God of Mercy that the Christians do, it was only the Catholic Church that was a true friend of the pogrom victims of Biafra. The rest who brought relief aid to Biafra did so because of the leadership of the Catholic Church under Pope Paul VI who intervened at the critical moment that many children were dying of starvation. Unfortunately, the Islamic authorities never uttered a word of mercy to Biafra, nor did not follow what had been written in the Quran. They blamed and fought against the entire Igbo race for what a few military officers did in January 1966, which was in support of Western Nigerian imprisoned politicians, without the consent of the Igbo people as a race.

The Quran states that vengeance should be exerted against the originators of a crime, but not against their relatives. Their contribution to the war was using Muslim pilots to fly the Russian mig fighters and bombard Biafra. Accordingly, to the Quran Surah 40:28, they behaved like Musrifs ie murderers who shed blood without a right and commit oppression transgressing against Allah by the lies they fabricated against Biafra. For even myself who took no part in the January Coup was hunted to be killed without justification by them, but God warned me beforehand of their plot. Who made them judges to take the innocent lives of those who committed no evil against them? Yet they boasted to the world how they killed innocent Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria. And their partners in crime among the imperialist powers of whom were Britain and Russia who discreetly fought with them against the innocent Biafrans thinking that they would not be found out and boast about the evil atrocities that they had committed were the enemy who had set fire to the house of Biafra and are still supporting that evil till today.

Notwithstanding, for as long as the good Lord God Almighty who sent his Angel to speak to me lives, they will pay for every innocent blood they had shed, not only in this life, but in their after life on earth. Mark my words unless they repent for that great evil, they had done they can never be saved.


Among the first vital words that the Angel who was sent to speak to me at St Michael’s Catholic Church Awgu in the morning of 22 Oct 1967 said were, “You will find that this war will take many towns and cities, do not despair, they can all be rebuilt after the war. Neither must you hoard material wealth and possessions while your brothers and sisters next door die from starvation. Without such spirit of love your task will be difficult”.

In the last Part 5 I testified on his encouragement to me “Do not be afraid if you hear the sounds of shelling……..”

The thundering sounds of artillery guns shelling vibrates the entire environment of a town or city. It induces fear and panic into the inhabitants of that town even worse than air raid bombardments.

What then is fear and why is it that it induces fear in a person?

My experience teaches me that fear is a tool of Satan that makes mankind lose honour, dignity and will power to do the right thing. Cultic armed robber groups use the dark hours of the night when unsuspecting targets are least alert to induce fear for their robbery. Even the Robbers themselves being frightened of police ambush and arrest use bribery tokens to avert their arrest for the crime they commit. When the police who are supposed to protect the innocent victim’s resort to such bribery, they themselves perform their work with fear as they also become thieves on duty. Hence the entire law and order of a State breaks down due to the fear induced by evil doers. This is a current disease of our governing system in Nigeria. Fear of the unknown is a common disease of those who worship false gods and deities. The fear in them reduces their human dignity. For when God made Adam and gave him dominion, Lucifer was upset that man had more honour than himself, therefore he resolved to deceive mankind and as soon as they ate the forbidden fruit, they became fearful of God. In short fear became the tool that Satan uses to reduce man’s dignity.

So, you see men and women stooping so low to pay homage to idols and objects created by men’s hands in which the lying spirits of Satan dwell to perform seeming magical treats. Hence deceiving mankind to surrender their God given virtues and birth rights for small favours that should have come to them through the virtues that God had already given them. Hence, they join secret societies or knighthoods that originated from pagan rituals controlled by Satan, which they were not aware of until they find out the hard way. Even some Church authorities are not aware of it but endorse knighthoods.

The question now is how does one combat and overcome the spirit of fear that dwell in mankind. For Ndigbo especially seeking the emancipation of our nation how do we overcome fear of the unknown. The answer is simply that Ndigbo must choose whether to be on God’s side or Satan’s side. Those on Satan’s side dwell in fear, but those on God’s side have no fear.

I recall when I was on guard duty watch over Radio Biafra Enugu around the Secretariat before the fall of Enugu. It was there that I met a young Christian soldier of a minor Church denomination from Biafra’s Engineering Unit called Sunday. It was he who taught me how to seek the face of God through repentant fasting and prayers for specific periods of time and days. To my great amazement, after putting his advice into action for quite a few days, I became a different person. When the shelling bombs began dropping on Enugu, I was totally unmoved by fear. The shelling was like the passing of the winds and I was totally unperturbed by them. I became a changed person just by prayers and fasting with firm faith in God. So too should our people do. We must remove the spirit of fear from within us. For it also leads to violence approach in dealing with problems instead of exercising gentle persuasions through progressive discipline.

In the next verse I shall deal with Ndigbo’s sin of not properly dealing with starvation in Biafra despite our material wealth at that period.


My theme this morning is about the warning that the Angel who spoke to me at St Michael’s Catholic Church Awgu in October 1967 morning warned us about the starvation that was going to befall Biafra. The war with Nigeria was then only three months old when this revelation was given and there was then no starvation afflicting Biafra. In continuing his message, he said “Neither must you hoard material wealth and possessions while your brothers and sisters next door die from starvation. Without the spirit of such love your task will be very difficult”.

It was after the invasion of Port Harcourt around April – May 1968 that the blockade of the seaport began to trigger Starvation in Biafra. That was to become Biafra’s greatest nightmare that led to the mass starvation, which Biafra never anticipated and would eventually become Biafra’s Achilles heel.

It was after my appointment as the Army ADC to Biafra’s Head of State that the reality of the mass starvation of Biafran children dawned on me. My spirit wept for the children as well as Biafra when I became involved in picking dying children from Refugee camps and on the streets in my travels. What grieved me most was seeing people walking past kwarshiokor children lying on the streets unconcerned and going about their daily tasks. I could not stand this neglect and complained about the attitude of our people to Major Matthew Obiukwu about this. I therefore decided to do something about it and became personally involved in their plight for healing and nourishment, even though it was not part of my official duty. Whenever I recall those days in Biafra it brings tears to my eyes. I was in their spirits and they were in mine as they groaned with pain and illness.

Suffice it to say that the greatest trial of the people of Biafra as a nation was how we dealt with starvation in Biafra. I was appalled to say the least.

One of the reasons I quiver when the agitation for the restoration of Biafra is brought up is that the main players who lead this beautiful quest have no idea what took place. Wouldn’t it be prudent if proper consultations were made with the right sources before declaring themselves the forerunners of the quest that is far more complicated than they could envisage?

When the Pharaoh of Egypt had a terrible dream of the future of Egypt did, he rely on his own political intellect to decide what to do about his dream? No! He consulted all the wise men of Egypt and was still not satisfied until Joseph a gifted child of Israel sold as a slave to Potiphar, his Official, was brought to interpret the dream to his satisfaction. But that was not the end. Pharaoh believed in the God of Joseph who had blessed him with the gift of interpreting dreams. Then he appointed Joseph as the best man to resolve the impending catastrophe of starvation and succeeded to his glory.

The problem Ndigbo had during the war and even up till today is that when we are blessed, we do not really know how to make the best use of the blessing.

After I had received the entire message from the Angel, the first thing I did was to write down everything I had been told. Next, I took the message to the white parish priest who was so excited as I was, that he gave me the authorisation to speak about it to the parishioners of Awgu after the Sunday mass, which I did. Next, I took the message to Bishop Nwedo at Umuahia so that he could take the initiative to spread the news far and wide through his authority and unite our people to entreat our God’s intervention for our salvation. But nothing came out of that effort to my greatest disappointment. Then I took it to the Biafra’s military chief Padre Major Matthew Obiukwu, yet again, he did nothing with it. And after God granted my wish to pass the message to Gen Ojukwu, which He the Almighty God granted by making me his ADC, I tried passing the message to him, but he rather made a jest of my letter of introduction on the matter. This was because I had to first seek his permission to gain an audience for discussion with him. But that also failed.

From those efforts it can be seen the type of people we, Ndigbo, are. I am sorry to offend some people, but we appear to be so full of our own ego, even when we know our limitations. What do we know about respecting nor honouring the words of God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama? But we would behave a

In church as the best Christian parishioner. And we will do what the priest, Bishop or Pope says. When they tell us that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children in Portugal far away from Alaigbo we would believe and pray novena to her. But when God Almighty turns up at our own doorsteps, we don’t believe it and have nothing to do with it. Shame on us. That is why I sometimes tell us that we should go back to our original covenant religion with Chukwu-Okike-Abiama to remind us how to truly fear and believe in God Almighty. Now it can be seen that I say these things from my experience in Biafra. Even though Ndigbo may have other good points as a people, I think we as a nation need to be cleansed of greed and envy as individuals.

We were given the opportunity to redeem ourselves, but we simply threw the opportunity away. Only the foreign parish priest of St Michael’s Catholic Church Awgu, Fr Bredy, I recall was his name, received the message with sincerity and did something about it. But our own Ndigbo leaders to whom the Message was given totally did nothing with it to our own detriment.

Yet today our younger generation are seeking our nation’s emancipation but still behaving as if they had learned nothing from our past. I pray that we engage in a period of prayer crusade for national cleansing and for us as individuals working for our common cause. Surely, we can do it.



At Zaria Military School, recruitment was by the quota system for the Northern, Eastern and Western student in-takes. The Northern students though of various tribal origins were identified as Hausas, those from the East as Igbos and those from Western Nigeria were identified as Yorubas. This was even though various tribes of people constituted those three Regions of Nigeria.

Similarly, when I arrived in the UK to study under Military scholarship in 1962, I was sent to a college in England. It was then that I realised that although English was the common language spoken by the people, the English people originated from a combination of different tribes, the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians all of whom adapted English as the official language.

It was only after the Biafran/Nigeria civil war that ended in 1970 that I found distinctions were being made between the Igbos and other tribes of former Eastern Nigeria.

Today in UK there are three devolved governments, one for England, one for Wales and one for Scotland, ruling their peoples independently, but jointly they are under the democratic rulership of Westminster Parliament called the government of Great Britain or the United Kingdom.

Similarly, when I mention the people of Biafra, I am referring to all the tribes that constituted the old Eastern Nigeria of which the Igbo language was predominant and accepted by all irrespective of our different tribal origins. Wouldn’t it be great to have a devolved government for our people where we can control the destiny of our peoples for more rapid progress than currently possible?

We have so many common ties including our customs and traditions that are very similar.

Hence when I hear the youngsters of these days building sandcastles of division amongst us I know very well that they are the victims of the divide and rule principle created by the enemies of Biafra after 1970.

So, when I mention Ndigbo as a nation, it is like speaking of the English as a nation.

Permit me to say that I learned a lot about the British people when as a teenager I schooled with them for 3 years plus.

I discovered that the greatness of the people was no magical wonder. Each individual student was a vulnerable human being both in physic and intellect. I also discovered that all the fuss about their being more human than black people was purely a hypnotic propaganda sold to the world by the descendants of exiled white people from Europe and freed white slaves who formed the new USA and needed some scapegoat to boost their false ego.

So, they chose to falsely label the African black person as inferior and created so many false evidence to believe in those lies. Many of whom now still believe those lies when they fully well know that what they achieved in USA as white people was by discrimination, lying and cheating. The white people being superior to other races or that the black person was less of a human being than white people has already failed the test of time and has gone up in smoke. It is our own black Africans who have accepted their deceit. I recall another example of when I came back to UK to study and qualify as an Aeronautical Licenced Engineer in the 1970s, I was among the first set of students who qualified on completion of the studies. But some of my English colleagues failed the example. A few years later when I returned to Nigeria, I discovered that the Chief Avionics Engineer for Aero Engineering company in Lagos was the same white student who had failed his exams when I graduated. Because of his colour of skin, he got the top job. This contrary to what happened in my teen years.

In fact, what amazed me in my early years in UK was that most of my classmates used to say that I was too good for them in all aspects. Even the college authorities acknowledged this when I was awarded the prize for the “Best All-Round Student”, which was carried by the Yorkshire Post upon my graduation in 1965. On even more positive aspects, I discovered that the strength of the white people was in their methodical accountability system. They valued endeavour, valued collective efforts, valued the display of intellect and created the avenue for those with such intellect among their people to be given the chance for progressive development. They valued talented people whether in sports or other hobby or profession and made sure that such talents were not wasted.

General Ojukwu displayed similar potentials during the Biafran war that baffled the world about Biafran capabilities.

Even though I was from Nigeria, when the English Military discovered my qualities upon graduation, they wrote a special letter to the Nigerian Military authority in charge of the Signal regiment recommending me for a higher study to enhance my position  talents and gifted performance when I finally return to Nigeria. Unfortunately, this fell on deaf ears in Nigeria. But guess what? The recipient of that recommendation was the Chief Military Signal Officer who happened to be of Igbo origin from Abakiliki. Yet he did nothing about it to the disappointment of the English Military Commander of my college in England. Had I been of Hausa origin and the Chief Signal Military officer was of Hausa origin that recommendation would have been approved.

So, when our people point accusing fingers against the white people for their racism and bad treatment of our black people, they should realise that the remaining four fingers is pointing back at themselves.

In those days when people are sent to study in UK this is done to train people to return home to fill those job vacancies that the qualifications, they obtained from abroad were required for.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian politicians who took over from the British had their minds focussed on making money by corrupt practices rather than keeping the progressive governing legacies left to us by the British. So gradually the country has deteriorated to the chaotic level that it is today. And unfortunately, Ndigbo accepted the saying “If you cannot beat them, join them” to our own detriment.

So, what can I say to my people? It is never too late to pull out of the quagmire we now find ourselves in. We cannot also totally blame the Igbo younger generation who find themselves stranded in no man’s land and are very angry. I can understand their anger and frustration against our current ruling classes. That is why I am writing these series to see whether we can learn from our past mistakes and doing the inevitable to put things right. I too was very angry during and after the Biafran war. I may be spiritually attracted to God and have laid down principles we need to adapt. But on a practical level I am a disciplinarian like my father was. My post graduate studies coupled with my world experience have been practically wasted away because our current politicians have no knowledge of world progressive development techniques. They are satisfied with fulfilling the basic tssks of governance by spending and spending till the coffers are dried up. Some may think that as a Traditional Ruler I am content. Not so my brethren, my country totally failed to use my qualifications, but the developed world did not waste it. So, if Ndigbo can learn something from these my write ups I would be very grateful to God Almighty Chukwu-Okike-Abiama for bringing some change in the right direction.


My brethren we must admit that the existence of humanity upon the earth remains a mystery to every male and female born on earth.

Our parents who had given birth to us did not fully understand why certain things happened during their life time. At one stage things would appear to be going very well, then suddenly events turn out worse than it had always been. It is at such times of their existence that their resilence to deal with the difficult situation is tested.

A man with no vision has no purpose in life. When situations turn out bad beyond our expectations and we have no power to deal with or reverse the situation, do we simply get angry, blame all the circumstances around us and wait for things to turn out better? Or do we use that opportunity to harness all our wisdom and talents given to us by God to seek a better solution for our future? Or worse still, do we wait for things to turn out better by following what the politicians who run our country tell us is the solution to our problem? And if they knew the solution, why were they not able to prevent the bad situation we find ourselves in from occuring in the first place?

The truth is that relying on what politicians say is foolhardy. Politicians are like false prophets. They tell you what they will do to make the future brighter for everyone who votes for him or her, but when voted in they never fulfil their promises because their main objective is to first better themselves before others. And when things go wrong its never their fault. They make lame excuses for failing to fulfil their promises. How many us are aware that politics is a form of hypnotic enchantment? The tools used by this enchantment is the television media, newspapers, radio and television broadcasts. When people constantly hear their false promises, which they really have no power to fulfil without borrowing money or relying on previous false promises made by their predecessors, people become hypnotised to their lies and accept to vote for them. In the end they make themselves false gods to be worship. Many people are not aware that politicians are the servants whom the King sent on a mission to negotiate on how to improve the situation of his kingdom. Then without the knowledge of the King those servants meet up with other Kings servants. They then form an alliance and swear oaths of how to defraud their Kings. Suddenly the Kings become powerless to make them accountable for the tasks they had initially been given to them to do. In the meantime the servants had squandered the wealth of the nation and they bring back only a minor fraction of what they had stolen to the Kings as their achievements. In the meantime the former wealthy kingdoms become indebted because those servants had looted all the wealth and borrowed massive amounts to replace what they had stolen in the first place. The worst outcome has now befallen the Kings as the citizens of their kingdoms now switch their allegiance to the servant politicians of the nation who were initially sent on a mission. This is like what Prince Absolom did to overthrow his father King David to assume the powers of his father.

Until the citizens of a nation stop behaving like hypnotised zombies, stop believing in the lying politicians and give back power to the King whom God had anointed to rule over the nation, then the rot of the nation will continue.

It appears unfortunate that Ndigbo currently appear to be living in a state of consciousness where their current political leaders have no firm authority over their destiny. For a nation that fought for and achieved independence for 3 years, the question now is, where have we gone astray? Yes it is true that calamity struck our nation in 1970 but why are we still as if in a state of hypnosis after all these 50years?

The fact remains that it is the human soul’s action that determines where he/she is in life. I recall my life’s experience when I attended the Army training college in England. Upon arrival I did not realise that the

new environment I came to live and study in was not the same as the one I came from in Nigeria. In England you had to get up and go if one wishes to achieve one’s objective. There was no time to wait for things to happen. If one was serious then one has to make things happen or else one’s goal will remain unachieved. Fortunately for me I had a mentor whom I knew from Zaria Military School called Alex Osuagwu. He was among those selected prior to my intake in 1960 to have won a military scholarship to continue military studies abroad.

Fortunately for me Alex was in the same House as myself. So he taught me to understand that the atmosphere of bullying existed at the college and that I must never allow myself to become a victim of their bullying. For example anyone who spoke with a Whalish or Scottish accent was bullied and made a mockery of by their school mates or senior students. If anyone had any perculiarity or facial defects then that gave room for intimidation or bullying.

Because I learned quickly from Alex Osuagwu I was in a better position to deal with any attempted bullying or mockery of any kind. So when the older students who used to conduct their routine bullying came across me, they knew that I could stand up to them given my Nigerian Miltary School experience, hence I was exempt from their bullying. I was so proud of Alex Osuagwu for he was indeed a role model at the College. He was very good at sports, boxing and many other talents that he was promoted in ranks several times and eventually became a prefect and house captain. Upon graduation Alex was awarded a house prize for his achievements. Unfortunately when Alex became a Commander in the Biafran army, he suffered facial injuries from mortar bomb blast but survived the war. But died a few years ago. I really miss his comradeship. May his soul rest in peace. Contrary to Alex’s achievements his college set had another student of Northern Nigeria origin minor tribe (non-hausa) who continued believing that he could retain the Nigerian style of doing things. Unfortunately for him the stress became too much and led to his premature exist of his studies abroad as he could not cope with the situation.

I highlighted the above to illustrate that the way our inexperienced politicians of Nigeria run things is a mockery of international politics. Perhaps we can now understand why when the British ruled Nigeria, the British one pound currency was equivalent to one Nigerian pound currency. Today it is about N500 to one British pound. Yet Nigeria has far more mineral resources than Britain. The Niara cannot even be used to trade abroad. What a disgrace!

Unfortunately when the colonisers discovered the indolent attitude of our people they used it to their advantage.

Magicians and Socerers have always used Hypnotism to control people’s consciousness and obtain what they need as though through legitimate means.

Today Nigerians are waking up to the knowledge of the Chaos ruling our nation. When in Biafra, Ikemba Ojukwu resisted that Political Hypnosis by our Colonisers, he was labelled a Rebel. Despite all his efforts via the Aburi Conference, which failed Ojukwu fought for a Biafra free from borrowing money. All our effort were from our own resources. He refused to enter into trade deals with France or China despite the offers they made to help us win the war. Ojukwu stuck to self effort and avoided the enslavement of Biafra by the Colonisers of Africa of which China has become one. Hence Biafra lost that initial battle for its survival because our leader could not be hypnotised, but rest of the African leaders sided with their Colonisers against Biafra.

Another African leader who despised the hypnotism of the Colonisers was Muammar al-Gaddafi of Lybia. Because he adopted a system that brought control of his nation’s resources into their own hands and tried bringing Africa out of indebtedness his life was abruptly halted by the hypnotising controlling nations who despised the threat to their income sources. May his soul also rest in peace.

I wish to conclude by urging our Ndigbo people to seek external international political mentors who have experienced the rough politics of the world and still survived as a nation. They will guide us and train us into fully understanding international politics. This is not to say that I do not applaud what our angry young Biafrans are doing. But we need better tuition from our other friendly nations who will not only guide us but also become our allies in our quest for a better future. Ghana as a nation appears to be receiving the correct mentoring. Even Israel, which as a nation had been in exile for 2000 years have come out of the same hyonotism. This will give Ndigbo the encouragement we need to find s solution to our current dilemma.

By HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor ADC Biafra

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