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Vinod Kaurani

For the year 2020 and 2021, Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic, District 9110 has elected Rtn.Vinod Kaurani, as president of the club to pilot it affairs. Young, articulate and promising, Vinod Kaurani, is the Managing Director of Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited. Kaurani, who believes a lot in family values, accountability, and youth empowerment, joined Rotary in 2016 to make his contributions towards humanity and nation building.
In this interview with Nosike Moses, he reveals his strong belief in team work and collaboration and said that in the course of service as the president of the club, he will leverage on the two. Excerpts:

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Now you are the President of Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic, District 9110, tell us what you have done so far?

Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic, District 9110, is a young club of 18 months. I must appreciate the immediate past president, Rtn. Dr. Sunit Deb Roy in his concerted efforts to ensure that the club was chartered and also other committed members of the club. I am looking forward to a very fruitful year under the dynamic leadership of the District Governor Rtn. Bola Oyebade, Rotary District 9110. The club is also proud of having somebody like, P.P.Rtn. Sanjeev Tandon, the Assistant Governor of District 9110 and DGSR of the club for his tremendous support in every ramification. Rtn.Rocheet Abbi, the present club secretary and global grant leader, deserves appreciation for his efforts too. The strength of the club is its  committed and experienced members who are working together to ensure that decisions on projects are executed, and this no doubt, has helped the club in the last 20 days to achieve some footprint.

To start with, few weeks ago,  Rtn. Vandana Vaid led the members and friends of the club into tree planting in their locality because we believe tree planting around our environment promotes ventilation. This exercise was a virtual project.

Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic has interest in supporting healthy living in Nigeria and outside the country, while another member of the club, Rtn Ratan Varyani led the club assignment of  screening 100 men for prostate cancer.

To further the course of the club, RCEA attended an online meeting of Public Image Building chaired by the club District, and the club has started using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and its own website to reach all and sundry. This will make its operation easily accessible and  ensure that the club is technology driven through the club website.  These projects are being lead by Rtn Geetika Tandon with her able team co-chaired by Rtn A. Mehta and Rtn. A Agarwal.

Undeterred by COVID-19 pandemic that has slowed down global operations, we have supported Polio Plus Project of contributing NGN4,500 per member contribution. This was led successfully by our club member, Rtn. Deepak Mehta.

RCEA successfully organised a first of its kind,  global online meeting with club members from Nigeria and other parts of the world. The second such event is billed for  July 25, 2020. Our foreign guest speaker will be online to guide other online guests and members through a pool of his knowledge on the subject.

Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic is well known for community and human empowerment anywhere it operates, are you going to continue with that?

The primary objectives of Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic is to serve humanity, community and economic empowerment; this is the key to achieve this goal of rotary. With the quality of human resources the club parades, we are surely going to achieve planned projects.  So far, we have 5 project areas that have been successfully executed.

With the achievement so far, what are other projects for execution between now and next year?

Our projects will be ably guided by our vice president, Rtn Sadanand Melanta.

Signature Project: Segregation of Plastic waste – This project is an ongoing project for the club and has been successfully implemented in partnership with LAWMA and Lagos State Development Properties Corporation.  We plan to grow this year by involving other clubs in the District and ensure that the awareness of segregation from source is embedded in the minds of Lagosian. This project is being led by First Lady, Rtn Pallavi Kaurani.

Another dream project is the Cerebral Palsy project, that will be handled by Rtn A. Portillo and Rtn Mamta Deb Roy, whereby RCEA is contributing to set up a center for treatment for children born with this deficiency. Another milestone is Ominira Project which aims to provide hygiene awareness and support to young girls. This is will be handled by Rtn Shweta Shrivastava.

As the president of RCEA I’m set to achieve a successful year with various other projects such as Mental Health which Rtn Abhishek Shrivastava will leading in that project, whereby we will be setting up suicide prevention squad.  This will also lead to our passionate project of vocational training in various areas of need. The continual support of the district for Polio Plus and Prostate cancer screening under  disease prevention is another concern area which will also include the eye surgery of about 100 or more cataract patience. RCEA is further going to engage in providing food and nutrition for the motherless babies and old age homes, which is a project lead by Rtn Adenike Ajoke.

RCEA will also be participating in the economic and community services such as COVID-19 awareness and providing micro finance, and Rtn G.O.C Bada will be in charge of that, to enable communities, individual traders/ workers to improve their earnings and business growth. The club will carry forward a project lead by Rtn Adesola Bada to improve the facility of a maternity home. Keeping in mind our youth and their requirements, the club will be involved in renovating a school and equipping the same to create a better learning environment for the students. We welcome members to our club to participate and contribute their knowledge and hardwork and this drive of welcoming members is gracefully chaired by Rtn C Matwankar.

Rotary club of Eko Atlantic will manage the WE CARE project under the leadership of Rtn S. Ramchandani, whereby the club is able to monitor the welfare of members and friends connected to Rotary directly and/or indirectly. This will be supported by our club Treasurer Rtn Suresh Nayak, and administration team lead by Rtn Naushad Bhamgara. Our club will assist in maintaining peace and preventing conflict in all our involvements under the leadership of Rtn Agnes Lutukai.

As the President, I want to ensure that all my team leaders become achievers and make our society a more friendly and family place to live in.

Since the COVID-19, what has the club done to support government?

The club has supported Lagos state with 21 tanks during the COVID period to support the concept of hygiene at the entrance of various markets. The tanks were delivered and positioned at different locations of the state by Lagos government, and this was gracefully supported by Geepee Industries, through Rtn MD Valecha and Chellarams Plc, through Rtn Kisshor Bendre.

What knowledge do you want to pass to the public through your virtual global programme coming up  this Saturday; who are the participants?

The webinar for  July 25, 2020  is to share relevant knowledge of global grants in Rotary. This also will basically form a collaborating attitude and spirit among clubs members across the globe in order to achieve various projects in a particular country as stipulated. This collaboration calls for ideas, concepts, and funds related to the project as Rotary International provides a platform to achieve this and also provides additional support.

How knowledgeable is your team to ensure that the club succeeds during your tenure?

Our club is only 18 months old, and members mix is in the age range of   25+ to 60+years.The experience of members in Rotary is from 1 to 30 years and above. We are sure to achieve the best out of this wide range of well meaning and devoted members who have come together with the singular purpose of ‘Service above Self’.

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