Congress of Igbo Leaders UK launches global online Igbo language course

The Congress of Igbo Leaders UK has unveiled a global Igbo language course in partnership with Microsoft.

Speaking after the Go-Live of the on-line Igbo Language course, the Head of Publications and Assistant Education Department  Mrs Blessing Obi-Alison said ” We are excited that the online lesson and collaboration with  Microsoft is going well after months of hard work and dedication.

Mrs Blessing Obi-Alison said over 200 children across the UK  have registered for the course with many more planning to join.

She said it has been a great experience dealing with Microsoft which made Microsoft learn about Igbo Language. Initially, Microsoft was not inclined about Igbo Language and pressed for more information about the language, its origin and what our intentions for starting the learning of the language in the UK.

We used the opportunity to educate Microsoft on the activities of the Congress of Igbo Leaders UK. We informed them about the Igbo festival of Arts and Culture and many activities of the Congress. We explained to them that Igbo language is spoken by over 80 Million people worldwide with 40,000 of those resident in the United Kingdom.

She described the experience of working with Microsoft on the project as very friendly and educating.

Mrs Obi-Alison said the children that joined were very excited and joyful for this great opportunity. “Feedback from the kids have been very positive, fantastic and encouraging” she concluded.

The Head of Education Department Dr Justice Ukachi thanked all Igbo in the UK, especially members of the CIL education department for such “commitment and demonstration of love for our beleaguered people who have been uprooted from their cultural heritage in one way or the other”.

He said that “collectively we have taken a giant bold step in the right direction. A free online Igbo lessons driven by dedicated and highly talented individuals. I am proud to be in your midst. I wonder what can be achieved in 5 years from now if we apply the Igbo concept of ‘Nkiruka ‘ or the Japanese equivalent of ‘kaizen’”

The Congress of Igbo Leaders UK and Ireland, is a non-profit and non-governmental socio-political organisation founded in 2012; and has served as a congress where all Igbo Leaders in the UK and Ireland from over 200 Igbo organisations meet to discuss issues of national importance.



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