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ThePeriscopeNews has with delight obtained permission to publish in parts the Diaries of HRH Igwe Chris Ejiofor who served as the ADC to Ikemba Ndigbo Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu; the former Head of the state of the Federal Republic of Biafra.
In the next weeks,we shall educate and inform our readers on the intriguing, unrevealed escapades, challenges and exploits of the Biafrans during the Civil war between Biafra and Nigeria from 1967-1970.
One of the greatest pain I suffered after the fall of Biafra was that although the tragic end of Biafra in Jan 1970 had been revealed to me through the spiritual consolation I had received from an angel of God in October 1967, (the fire and the rod), it was an awful experience. From being like a Prince in Biafra I became like a nobody in my lands of self-exile. My self confidence was gone and my Biafran experience was like a bad dream. I was like the shadow of myself when I came to UK after the war. I was broken in the spirit and lived as if in shock because the world that I thought I had known had let me down. There appeared to be no justice nor sympathy from those ruling the world for the victims of genocide in that world that I was living in.
Nevertheless there was still a drive in me to fight on for my family’s survival. I was able to bring my widowed mother to join and live with me in England.
When my mother had a stroke in the late 70s during her stay with one of my Siblings in London, my spiritual faith was awakened and I was determined to bring healing back to her life and went into intense fasting and prayers. My younger sister, Cecilia in whose home my mother resided in London discovered a non-catholic spiritual healing church in London and invited me down to London so that we can take our mother to that church for healing prayers. On one Sunday morning we took her to the church and after the main service we were told to take my mother to a side prayer room where all the sick would be prayed for, which we did. In that room the sick were taken to the front near the praying altar, whilst the rest of us relatives stood far back in that prayer room awaitng the arrival of the Penticostal church Bishop who would pray over the sick. I was not familiar with the church nor did I know any of the clergy.
When the African Bishop arrived to begin his prayers other prayer warriors accompanied him. Just as he began to speak something unexpected happened. Instead of beginning his prayers for the sick, to my utter amazement he pointed to me and said “you there in the blue suit the Lord God has blessed you. You are the Light bearer and the light you bear will shine on many. It is like a great tree with vast branches that gives shelter and many will benefit from it. You are blessed by God and your evening will be golden………” He prophecised many wonderful things about me to my greatest astonishment. I least expected such. I had brought my mother for prayers not for myself to be prayed for, yet this Bishop I had not know began his prayers with revelations about me. In those days my spiritual encounter with God in Biafra was not public knowledge. So only the living Spirit of God would have given him those insights about me and what the future holds for me in the spiritual and material realms. I accepted those blessings with the spirit of humility hoping that some day the meanings would be made manifest to the glory of God Almighty.
After that experience my spirit was once again uplifted and I knew that my mission for God on earth was yet to unfold.
Please pray for me so that God’s purpose in my life will fully come to bear.
Part 2 
When I look back at my life’s journey from my early childhood days, I see myself not different from other children. I started schooling with an average intelligence. I was not among the brightest children so my father provided an after- school teacher to give us better understanding of our school work. But apart from that we all knew that my father was a disciplinarian. And we dare not misbehave or else those who misbehaved got the stroke of his discipline cane we called bulala made from cow’s tail, which we all tried to avoid receiving. This follows part of the Jewish tradition which flows all through the books of Moses. Recalling Deutoronomy 8:18, which I was given to read daily, I could not help also reading Deut. 8:17, which states “Beware lest you say in your heart ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth'” Then follows verse 18 that I was given to read daily ‘You shall remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that he might confirm the covenant which he swore to your fathers as at this day’. Now going further from that passage that Pastor Udoka gave me to read daily verse 19 states, “And if you forget the Lord your God and go after other gods (ie Alushie and other deities) and serve them and worship them, I solemnly warn you this day that you shall surely perish”.
As you can see our God Almighty in verse 17 warns us against the sin of Pride, if we take for granted that our achievements that enrich us are from our own might and power not from the Lord our God. Then verse 19 relates the consequences of such foolish pride ie that we would perish as his chosen nation. Therefore let Ndigbo ask ourselves Are we are not guilty of verse 17? And if we are not, why then are we now suffering the consequences of verse 19, a people whose authority from God is now like a bad dream and has perished and are been molested from all quarters. Isn’t it a strange coincidence?
The question now is what do we now do to recover the authority that God has taken away from us?
In verse 18 He reminded us that if we stayed loyal and humble, then He on His part would fulfil the covenant, which He swore to our forefathers.
I wish to remind us that what happened 1000yrs ago is like one day in God’s sight. So it is never too late to reverse our errors as the Lord Almighty God Chukwu-Okike-Abiama is Oft-forgiving and would accept our repentance if we are truly repented.
So the question now is how do we do it?
These are my suggestions.
a) Seek humility. For example Ndigbo must stop behaving as if they are the “The Jack of all trades” by returning to their natural God given talents eg If one is an Aeronautical Engineer by profession but seeks a political appointment in order to make illegal money for a profession  that one is not qualified nor experienced to do. That is sheer greed, which many of the Ndigbo generation of these days might be guilty of.
This is just one example which leads to gaining fake qualifications and false titles to one’s name in order to sit on a high table meant for the one anointed by God with the appropriate talent to score victories for the nation.
In part 3, I shall give further details on how to return to our original Jewish tradition.
By Igwe Chris Ejiofor ADC Biafra

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