COVID-19 lockdown blessing in disguise for me – MC Shem

MC Shem

The onslaught of the raging pandemic, COVID-19, on businesses and careers across industries is one which cannot be overstated. While many still grumble under its apparent weight, there are those who seem to have capitalised on the period to make good for their careers.

Popular comedian and skit maker, Ayodele Aguda, who is known as MC Shem, appears to be one entertainer who has managed to keep his income flowing despite the ban on concerts and other forms of social gatherings.

The content creator who is reportedly one of the most followed Nigerian on social app, Tiktok, with over four million followers disclosed that while many of his colleagues in the entertainment industry were counting their losses during the social restriction period, his stock grew even higher which meant more money for him.

During an interactive session recently, MC Shem revealed the secret behind his large social media following as well as his recent success.

“As is done in business, I did an analysis by observing trends and what people were doing to command large followership. And I applied the insights to my Tiktok account. I checked pages of those who were already big on the platform and applied the insights.

Speaking on how he has been unscathed during the lockdown and even making more money, the comedian added:

“The good thing about social media is that it is not bound by time or place. I have made more money this (lockdown) period because there are more people at home to consume your content.”

Speaking about how his background influenced his career, MC Shem said “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. However, I read about people who had it rougher than I had growing up but made something out of their lives through dint of hard work. For a family of six – mother, father and four children – we grew up in a one-bedroom apartment popularly called ‘face-me-I face-you.”

“At a point, a cousin joined us to make seven. Now that I am older, I realise these experiences helped shape me and still motivate me to put in my best every single day and to make the best out of my life. At some point, I shot my video, edited, subtitled it and did everything myself because of my determination. This is what I tell people, you might not be able to afford to pay for certain services when you start out, learn to do those things yourself.”


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