Bentley Gives its Continental GT Family a Makeover


This summer, Bentley is giving its Continental GT family a brand new look with the help of “a greater choice of exterior paint colors [named Viridian, Patina, and Snow Quartz], a new style steering wheel and the ability to specify a panoramic glass roof on the V8-engined GT coupe in addition to the W12.”

Customers who choose the color Viridian can expect a modern combination of traditional British Racing Green and the dark emerald metallic used on Bentley’s EXP10 Speed 6 concept car. The resulting color is a deep agate green with light green and blue undertones, and little flecks of amber and gold. Patina was inspired by polished metals, combining champagne and silk together to create a mid-tone cream with the hint of subtle greens. Finally, Snow Quartz is a three-layer pearlescent paint that offers a simple and fresh silhouette.

Now available on all Continental GT coupes, including the new Bentayga and new Flying Spur, the new panoramic glass roof has been designed to offer “a new perspective whilst illuminating the exquisite craftsmanship of the cabin.” Featuring polarised glass that limits glare, the sunroof offers a clear view of their surroundings. It also has an interior blind that is operated from the console inside, making it easy to get some shade if needed (the blind is even clad in Alcantara® to match one of the 15 headliner colors available).

The new style steering wheel is actually now standard. Boasting a revised shape and profile, the wheel features “capacitive sensing throughout the wheel rim, allowing the steering wheel to detect when it is being held – a vital new safety measure for the car’s semi-autonomous Driver Assistance Systems, where new legislation stipulates that drivers must keep in contact with the wheel at all times when the car is moving.”

These new additions mean that customers now have more than 10 billion variations to choose from when personalizing their vehicles, making it easier than ever to have a unique Bentley all your own.


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