800 heading to Australia from virus hotspots

A number of COVID-19 cases should be expected among several hundred Australians flying into Adelaide in the coming days, South Australia’s Health Minister Stephen Wade has warned.

About 800 people are expected to arrive in the coming days on repatriation flights from virus hotspots including India, South America and Indonesia.

This weekend about 300 people are due to fly into Adelaide Airport from Mumbai, while a contingent of defence force personnel from Indonesia will arrive at the Edinburgh RAAF base.

Mr Wade said recent interstate evidence suggested about five to 10 of people returning from the subcontinent were testing positive for the virus.

“So if we were to see similar figures here in South Australia we could expect up to 25 cases,” Mr Wade told reporters today.

But he said all those arriving in SA would be tested when they land before spending two weeks in supervised quarantine, and would be tested in isolation.

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said while the likelihood of some people testing positive for coronavirus had to be recognised, strong measures would be put in place to ensure they posed no risk to the wider SA community.

He said authorities were also working to ensure security guards and others working in the quarantine facilities were complying with the proper use of personal protective equipment.

In May, about 680 repatriated Aussies also flew into Adelaide on two separate flights from India.

They were isolated in two hotels in the city, with none testing positive for COVID-19.

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