Femi Fani Kayode’s Reflection on Biafra

This morning, on this page, I posted a 40 second video of some starving and dying children from Biafra with the words that I have reposted below.

Facebook claimed that the video was too graphic, that it violated their community standards and they therefore took it down together with the the whole post.

I suspect that this was the handiwork of those who do not want the world to know the truth about what happened in Biafra during the civil war and what our nation Nigeria actually did to the Biafrans.

I am not deterred and I have reposted the words again only this time without the “offending” video. Instead of the video I have posted the pictures of both the leader of Nigeria and the leader of Biafta during the civil war.

Let us hope the enemies of progress do not say that this violates Facebook standards too. Whatever the case we shall not rest until justice is done and those that were responsible for the genocide that was perpetuated against the Biafrans are fully exposed and bought to book.

Censorship only fuels my determination. We shall NEVER forget what was done to the innocents during thet civil war and we must NEVER allow such a thing to happen again.


“General Yakubu Gowon and Nigeria starved 3 million Biafrans to death during the civil war whilst Sir Winston Churchill and the United Kingdom starved 3 million Bengali Indians to death during WW 11.

Neither nation has offered an apology or paid reparations for these crimes against humanity and these heinous and heartless acts of genocide, mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

I have always believed and will always believe that this is UNACCEPTABLE.

What we need to appreciate is that every single leader in what is today’s 5 political zones of SW, SS, NC, NE and NW must take a fair share of the blame for the genocide that was unleashed on the Biafrans in the civil war.

If we say it was only Gowon that was involved and that was responsible, then we lie. We as Nigerians were all involved and we all have blood on our hands for this barbaric and unprecedented atrocity that was perpetuated against innocent and defenceless civilians, including women and children in Ojukwu’s Biafra.

Many of our reverred leaders from the past sought to publicly and privately rationalise and justify it. To my mind this was as unacceptable as the act of genocide itself.

We really do have a lot of soul-searching to do as a people and as a nation if we want to move forward or if we want our fortunes to improve. This is the bitter truth”.

(Femi Fani-Kayode)

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