Igbo Confusion: The Solution

Igbo Confusion: The Solution.
Article written by Kanayo Nwankwo
I have read the pros and cons of recent arguments pertaining IGBO liberation and Biafra realisation. After further meditations, one reached a consensus with the people in my being. The biochemist in me suggested that life will be less stressful if the rich in Biafra land can mobilise most of our young graduates and incentivise them with few millions of pounds, give them targets and assignments to go into our African bushes and collect plants and animals, set up independent laboratories in private homes, research and profer solutions to different world sicknesses, patent and commercialise such discoveries: as a deep thinker and silent observer of human behaviour, one thinks distraction is next to the nearest problems of Africa and Africans. Our inability to reason as we believe hampers a lot about our civilisation.
The ongoing Corona Virus pandemic allegedly grown from China is a cause of depression to the thoughtless yet an opportunity for financial progression( wealth) for the thoughtful and daring. Life’s middle name is RISK and the Igbo man understands its caustic importance. Instead of complaining of marginalisation and unemployment, the Igbo species with basic intelligence and native wisdom should invest our richly blessed mindset into scientific and economic researches privately. We never know what any child can discover. Life is a university of adversity, and like I claimed in my various widely read books “ any idea not open to debate is not worthy to lead”, and “ the civilisation that intends to progress generally must reason as it believes”.  No matter what her critics think, she is worthy, she is our own. She has paid her dues medically and intellectually. She doesn’t deserve condemnation. Recently, internalising the  residual anguish and institutionally inflicted racist pains on the likes of our dearly beloved intelligent and hardworking sister, Apostle Dr Ngozi Ogbuneke, hurts my soul. If our Clime is freed and saved and socially progressive, her likes should not be in diaspora.
Some of us belong to Africa. We waste and die by instalment in the western world. They don’t appreciate us. They merely use and dump us. One has the misfortune of meeting  most of the high and low that matters intellectually and politically in few continents,  and an elongated observation of their mindsets sums confusion, complicated assumptions, ingratitude, vanity and nothingness. Relatively, we are what we think. Most of us attack objects instead of confronting objectives and subjects. We hardly deal on ideas. Man is a personification of relative mental excellence, yet, ingratitude is his curse.
The Igbo mind is a well of universally liberating ideas, however, envy, jealousy, disunity and excessive lust for materialism, power  and recognition vaingloriously  usurps his spiritual essence. During one’s undergraduate days in Nigeria about twenty five years ago, the universally liberating and foresighted ideology of the then amiable Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife in Anambra State was underestimated, we should have embraced that wise one’s “think home philosophy”. Recent events and atrocious dealings of the rest of the country against the Igbos  vindicates Okwadike’s stand. One holds that educated mind and his radical foresight in high esteem.  “The best state of a man’s worth is to preserve his own”, the saying goes. IPOB and ADF are trying, however the Igbo in particular and Biafra in general cannot see and live out native liberalism and enjoy economic security without embracing academic tolerance, intertribal forgiveness, emotional intelligence, latest medical and technological science as well as undiluted radical religious reawakening. Basically, the problem in and of us is with us.
Ironically, outsiders use us to kill us. We are self predatory. We incarnate confusion and redistribute apprehension grown from ignorance, arrogance and vengeance. It is relatively complicated to bring an average Igbo human to our formerly glorious yet lost humanitarianism. Contemporary Igbo forgot that we are one or none and what is in any is in many. Nigeria has not politically worked for the Igbo, at least, yet the problem of Biafra realisation lies with the Igbo elites. We will be freed and saved and independent when we are spiritually ready to. We seem ripe yet we are not ready to be liberated.
The liberation we seek outside is in and with us. The multifaceted tribes that make up Igbo humanity are legally married yet spiritually divorced. We hardly agree on what, why, when, where  and how we want. Life is larger than logic. One ambassador representing one of the richest African countries in United Kingdom recently validated the above claims in London. I was invited to his majestic office at Trafalgar Square, I went with a copy of a recent book to give to him as he requested: he picked it from me, perused the back cover inquisitively, speechless, he went over to his executive table, picked up an envelope and gratefully gave it to me. Opening it I  saw a $100 bill, I protested and said “ you don’t need to pay, it is a gift, moreover the book sells for about $15 on Amazon”. He touched the back of my hand and warmly said “ please keep that, part of your assertions summed in this book is priceless”, I wish you are my son, in you I found who I should have been”, please don’t give up writing, people like you corroborates God’s gift to humanity through the Igbos”, please sign it for me, it will add to my rich library”! Humbled, I reflected on who and what the Igbos could have achieved had they ignored hatred of others, embraced themselves and focused on doing the best of what they should and can.
Realisation: We are the enemies we pray against. No force on earth can hold down a tribe unitedly determined to succeed in life. A road is never too far for a people that knows where they are going. I expect us to question our  origination, encourage our motivations, appreciate our stations, meditate on our destinations, refine our agitations, shun petty divisions, check and balance our immoderations, enrich our suspicions, re-evaluate our frustrations, gain from our missions and revive our visions; we are the greatness we seek. We should be the respect and love we demand.
The best way to end enmity is to be a friend. IGBO AMAKA. Anyi bu ofu. Nevertheless, God’s decision is final. Ife Chukwu kwulu ga eme. Please let us end the relatively self-inflicted slavery among us. Tribally, we are born sick and asked to be well. The Igbos were before and will be after Nigeria. We are the salt of the world. The Igbos are the ocean that rarely runs dry in creativity, academia, fraternity; brotherhood and sisterhood. The Igbos are the sun, and no palm can cover God’s given sun. Anyi si na CHI. God started Us. God completes us. No matter what what we do in between God completes us. We are nothing without God, Chi Ukwu, Elohim. Thanks.
Kanayo Nwankwo
21 March 2020, London
Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Kanayo Nwankwo and do not necessarily reflect those of The Periscope News. The Periscope News will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.”

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