ELDERS CORNER: Exhale the Beauty of the World


Nelson Mandela once said that there are no passions to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the life one is capable of living.
What drives life to it’s full potential is the belief in oneself; setting achievable goals,  finding niche opportunities that can help place us at the height of the mountain.
Those that wish to see all that life can offer must climb to the mountain top and exhale the beauty of the world.
The weak often sit at the bottom of the mountain and complain of the blockage by the mountain.
When we see obstacles, challenges and vision as objects we lose the opportunity to own them as subjects.
When we face the tides of life, we must not fear but remain focused like the sailor on the ocean who navigates daily through the storms to get us the fishes and see food we eat.
No matter what we do, want or seek, it can only come when we have the right positive I can do it mindset, not listening to the little voices that tell us we cannot. We must surround ourselves with people that push our boundaries, people that are more exposed and experienced than us.
Peer groups sometimes hold you down because there is nothing greater to learn from them.
Think your goals, write them down, find people that are doing it, learn from them not envy them, pursue that dream believing in yourself and your God.
Each time we fall, we must not look down but look up and forward for courage to strive higher.
Often people tell us to look for something to fall back on. But I say, look for something to fall forward to, so you at least see where you are falling into.
Our Ancestors say that as we all go to fetch water from the stream each will only fetch that portion that his or her God has ordained to be fetched.
Don’t live other people’s dream, create your expectations not dreams. Dreams are often forgotten but visions are pursued.
We must learn not to put limitations on our ways. Each day we wake, we must define our target, set our deliverable and iteratively put them into achievable backlogs.Our targets and visions must be achievable otherwise we move them to the next iteration until we deliver them all.
Remember that blockages, defects and issues will arise. Note them down,  fix them and continue in your part way towards progress.
Life is all about winners and not mourners.
People have low tolerance for failures.
Without “consistency you will never finish” Always do what you love and are passionate about that is the key to Victory.
Mazi Obi Okoli-OjeluIgbozi ( The Voice of the Ancestors)

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