Prisoners of Conscience: Agba Jalingo and Nnamdi Obi spend Christmas in Prison

As Nigeria continue to face complex conflict and humanitarian crisis, which has so far taken the lives of 20,000 and displaced 2.6 million people in the north of the country.

The conflict escalated over the last year, with the Boko Haram insurgency continuing to recruit members and carry out abductions, suicide bombings, and attacks on civilians in the North East especially the Christian dominated parts of the North East.

For over a decade, Nigeria has never faced the level of abuse on human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and movement as it faces in the last 2 years of the Buhari administration.

As the country was thrown into dynamic drama as Federal Government of Nigeria ordered the Release of Dasuki and Sowore amidst the placement of Nigeria on United State of America Watchlist as Country involved in Violation of Human Right. Many Nigerians seem to have forgotten the other prisoners of conscience who are detained by some State Governors, the DSS and numerous police prisons.

Agba Jalingo, Nnamdi Obi and many Biafran citizens are currently Illegally detained, yet no offence has been brought against them in any competent court but under the Buhari led government has been forced to spend their Christmas Celebration inside different dungeons.

Agba Jalingo was a Free press Journalist from Calabar who worked all his life trying to expose and correct some negative activities happening in the State, this made Gov Ayade to call for his Arrest after his Article Titled -: “When A Governor Becomes A Threat to Free Speech and Free Press”. This triggered the State Government of Calabar to incarcerate him in Prison till date even after Several Court Order to free him has been ignored.

Nnamdi Obi was a Commercial Driver and was Illegally arrested on earlier December in Abia State by Nigeria Military. From there he was handed over to State CID Umuahia, they levied all forms of allegations against him and have since kept him at the State CID under the Command of Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, Nigeria.

Each day Agba Jalingo and Nnamdi Obi spend in captivity diminishes the lip service been payed to the international community that Nigeria respects human rights of her citizens.

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